The American

I’ve seen so many awesome movies recently.  Let’s talk  about it.  The American.  Loved it.  George Clooney is stoic but understated as a hitman hiding out in Italy hoping to escape his past before it catches up to him.  It’s like an existentialist Bourne movie.  Might have been one of my top movies of the year if it wasn’t for some truly horrific and unnecessary CGI in a key scene.  It irks me to no end that they did what they did and yanked me out of such a moving cinematic experience.  Even so I loved the movie, but most of the time I just wish they had never invented CGI so directors would rely on practical effects.

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  1. Jon Gentry says:

    Dude I couldn’t agree more about CGI. There are so many old movies whose effects look even better in HD then when they first came out. Haven’t these directors seen Blade Runner? Close Encounters? 2001: A Space Odyssey? Need I even say Episodes IV, V, & VI? People were craftsmen who worked with their hands to physically create things that would photograph beautifully. I won’t even start on movies shot on video instead of film, what a waste, they might as well shoot them on iPhones. Oh, and I was excited to see this but K said it sucked. After reading your review I’m gonna watch it.

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